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Username: Lattitudechange
Location: In the Geeerage with bocephus
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This is the dataasource being used posted Lattitudechange has posted 6 fishing reports
Location Area State Method Author Date 
Someone lost a rod and reel North Shore NY Boat Lattitudechange 06/12/10 10:52 PM
Imagine having to release 25lbers for half your trip Moriches NY Boat Lattitudechange 10/31/07 12:08 AM
Moriches area Moriches NY Fly Fishing Lattitudechange 06/10/07 09:53 AM
Stonybrook North Shore NY Fly Fishing Lattitudechange 10/10/06 08:50 AM
Stonybrook North Shore NY Fly Fishing Lattitudechange 10/02/06 07:27 AM
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  The Angler's Lounge grandson of the "so what are you guys doing NOW" thread............ wader 12312 253094 12/02/2013 06:52 PM
  The Angler's Lounge The ORIGINAL Goodnight Thread..................."say goodnight Gracie" gverb1219 3490 144232 12/01/2013 11:15 PM
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