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Run and Gun Bluefin Classic
Aug 05, 2010
to Aug 08, 2010  


This will be a tournament aimed at one thing – landing monster bluefin tuna on jigs and poppers! The exciting and intense “run n gun” style has been popularized over the last few years by many of the great captains and anglers on 360tuna and we want to continue to grow the popularity in this sport. We’re hoping this will become an annual event where anglers from all over the world can come in hopes of not only landing the fish of a lifetime but also meeting some friends along the way.

The tournament format is pretty simple – there will be 4 “allowable” fishing days with each team choosing their own 3 days. Only one fish per day per team can be taken (NO fish over 72” can be weighed in). Once a fish has been taken, that team is done fishing for the day and must return to the dock to weigh in. If a fish is landed and released, we will be providing anglers with the tools to tag and record that fish for research purposes.

As far as gear – anything goes as long as the fish is caught while jigging or popping. No trolling or baitfishing of any kind (this includes tipping jigs with bait). The prize money will be based on entries and sponsors, with the 3 main categories (percent of total prize pool in parenthesis):

- Aggregate 1st place (50%)
- Top Angler Award (30%) - This is for the angler who catches the most fish solo. All released fish must be tagged.
- Largest Fish Weighed (10%) - This will be for the largest fish that is weighed in over the course of the tournament.
- Aggregate 2nd place (10%)

In addition to the cash prize, we will have tons of product for the competitors in the form of both captains bags as well as prizes. More details on these as they come!


5 boats - $5000 cash pool
6 boats - $5550 cash pool
10 boats - $7750 cash pool

** cash pool increased $550 per boat**

Proceeds from this tournament will go to the UNH Tagging Research Program

When: August 5-8, 2010 (alternate weather dates will be made available if needed)

Where: Green Harbor, MA


There will be up to 15 private boats and 5 charter teams. The charter boats are:
- Captain Dom Petrarca Coastal Charters Sportfishing (TAKEN)
- Captain Rich Antonio, Black Rose Fishing Charters (TAKEN)
- Captain Jimmy Koutalakis, On-Time Fishing Charters (TAKEN)
- Captain Billy Silvia, Can’t Imagine Sportfishing
- Captain Chip Baker, Offshore Experiences Sportfishing (TAKEN)
- Captain Jeff Smith - Fin Addition Charters

The charter price will be $1,800 per angler ($5400 per boat) which will include:
- 3 days of chartered fishing/tip
- 4 nights lodging
- Lunch on the boat
- 1 ticket per angler to the afterparty/awards ceremony
- Transportation to and from the harbor if needed
- ALL Tournament Entry fees

Non-Inclusive charter rate is $1,525 per angler ($4,575)

** If any other charter boats would be interested, please contact me directly. Unauthorized charter boats will not be allowed in the tournament **

$200 deposit per charter angler is required to hold the boat

Private boats will consist of up to 4 people (3 fisherman and 1 captain) or 3 fisherman (no designated captain). The entry fee for private boats will be $800 per boat and will include 4 tickets to the afterparty/awards ceremony.

$250 deposit per private boat is required

Weigh in location – Green Harbor Bait & Tackle

Post Tournament Awards Party – August 8th, 6:30 PM at The Ocean Deck located in Green Habor Marina

I’m sure there will be updates to this thread, so please check back frequently!

If you are interested in participating please let me know. The charter boats are open for booking right now and I will create a separate post with all of the tournament teams.

[email protected]
610 585 3535


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