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Year-Long Multi-Species
Apr 01, 2010
to Dec 01, 2010  

Hi Everyone,

Just sitting here at the computer looking over my fishing reports for the year.  Damn is was fun.  I think anyone who knows me knows how much I love being out there on the water.  I'm trying to mix it up a little bit for next year.  It's nice to fish with a purpose, other than just catching fish and showing people a good time.  Competition is fun and exciting as well.  Problem with some tournaments, though, is that there is too much money involved.  Once you commit to it, it is no longer fun.  It's a chore, sometimes.  And if the weather is crummy that day, then bad decisions can be made because of the money involved.

So, I'm thinking of a series of tournaments to sweeten the pot a bit.   For my charters, I hope to have a couple of "shark weeks"  in August and September.  Up on Stellwagen and beyond, we've always done very well on the sharks during this time.  It's a pretty incredible way for people to catch the largest animal of their lives.  Of course, it's mostly blue sharks, but they're still big and that's exciting for many, many people.

I think if we get a decent group of people, we could run a weekly tournament for different species.  It would really make things much more interesting.  If we start early enough, the charter captains can plan their schedules accordingly (I.E., book tuna trips during the tuna tourney week, shark trips during the shark week, cod trips during the etc...).  The captains could charge their customers an entry fee if they want to participate.

I think weekly tourneys give the person who may only get out there once or twice a week a chance to participate without breaking the bank.  We could have "day-before" enrollment for people who are weather-dependent (all of us).  Hell, we could have Pay-Pal enrollment to make it really easy.  Even something simple like $50/day fee for the boat wouldn't hurt anyone.  That's an extra $12/person if there are 4 people on the boat.  That's only marginally more than the cost of gas for the day.  In a week-long tourney, there could be some decent prize money involved without taxing anyone too much.  Just a thought..

Without thinking too much into the logistics of it, is anyone interested?

Capt. Rich Antonino
Black Rose Fishing Charters, Green Harbor, Mass.


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