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WICC Worlds Greatest Bluefish Tournament
Aug 29, 2009
to Aug 30, 2009  

The tournament takes place the weekend of August 29th and 30th and carries with it more prizes than ever before. We still offer a $25,000 first place prize for the heaviest bluefish caught during the Tournament as well as $10,000 for second, $3,000 for third $1,000 for fourth and fifth place and $200 for the next 15 heaviest bluefish as well as a $200 port prize for the heaviest fish caught at each of our official weigh-in stations. Headlining our new prizes for this year is the return of the tagged fish. We are having fish tagged this year and if the correct tagged fish is caught you will win $50,000! Also new this year are a Special Club prize for the three heaviest fish caught by a registered club, and a Charter Boat Prize for the two heaviest fish caught off a registered Charter Boat. Both prizes are worth $500. We also have a Special Photo contest this year where you will be able to submit a bluefish photo and if picked will win $500. Registration for this year's tournament begins on July 14th and can be done at any of our official registration stations in Connecticut or New York, by phone at 203-366-BLUE or online at


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