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  New York
Great Gun Anglers 2nd Annual Striped Bass Tournament
Oct 23, 2008
to Oct 26, 2008  

Anglers meeting will be held on Wednesday October 22nd at the VFW Hall In Center Moriches at 7:00 PM at which time you can sign up. $50.00 per Angler to enter. All weighable fish are to be weighed in at Harts Cove Bait and Tackle located at 400-1 Montauk Highway, East Moriches.

50% FIRST PLACE, 30% SECOND PLACE and 20% THIRD PLACE (after 20% operating expenses).

You can fish by boat or by surf! Tournament hours are 12:00AM on October 23rd to 12:00PM On October 26th.

Boundary lines are from Meecox Bay (east) to Smithpoint Bridge (west)


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