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  New York
Jamaica Bay Kayak Fishing Tournament

The Fifth Annual Jamaica Bay Kayak Fishing Tournament will be held on Saturday, May 3th, 2008. Last year's tournament was a great success, even though bad weather hindered the actual competition, over 200 kayak fisherman joined in on the many activities and the pre-fishing days had anglers enjoying the cooperation of all three targeted species - bluefish, striped bass and weakfish. More than 60 people attended the kayak fishing demo and learned about this great sport.

This year we will change things around and have the actual competition on Saturday and Sunday will be the alternate rain day (If we have the Tournament on the Saturday, Sunday will just be a fun fishing day for those who choose to stay around and enjoy the great fishing the Bay has to offer this time of year). Like years past, the park will be open to camping from the Thursay to Sunday, The camp ground is only a few hundred feet from the launch and we encourage everybody to camp out and enjoy this great National Park.

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