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  New York
Stripedd Bass Seminar

Saturday, April 5th, 2008
(Kingston) Port Ewen Moose Lodge
Legion Court, Rt. 9W, Port Ewen, NY
11:00 am - 5:00 pm
$20 per person - Kids under 16, $5

Capt. Pete Schuman of A & P Custom Tackle, Wynantskill, NY will have a full display of
Cannon Downriggers, Striper Rod n' Reels & Striper Tackle. He will also speak on the maintenance of downriggers and trolling with downrigging equipment.

Additional Speakers will cover subjects ranging from catching your own herring, shad, fishing with live & cut bait, eels, blood & sands, fishing from shore, DEC rules & regulations, river access, boating safety,
releasing stripers back into the river, plus many other topics.

Great Buffet Included - Chef Fred & his crew will be there to feed you.  Chili, Manhattan Clam Chowder, Hot dogs, Baked beans, Ziti, deserts. Coffee/tea/iced tea/soda/water.
Moose Lodge does have a cash Liquor Bar

Please e-mail ([email protected]
)if you going to attend - just so we have an idea on how much food we need to cook. But, if you forget to, your welcome to join us anyway.


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