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  New York
4th Annual Jamaica Bay Kayak Fishing Tournament

The Fourth Annual Jamaica Bay Kayak Fishing Tournament will be held on Sunday, May 6th, 2007. Last year's tournament was a great success. Not only did the event raise money for a worthy charity, but 202 kayak anglers enjoyed great fishing with hundreds of fish caught and released. The three targeted species - bluefish, striped bass and weakfish - all made an appearance. More than 60 people attended the kayak fishing demo and learned about this great sport. This year will be a 2 day event with the Saturday being the pre-fishing day and also a free fishing kayak demo. The Saturday will also be a chance for meeting others as well as going fishing to prepare for the tournament. There will be a Captain's meeting Saturday evening(location to be named later). Sunday will be the actual tournament as well as a chance for people to try out all the best fishing kayaks. ESPN Outdoors covered the event for Bass Center and we are hoping for similar media coverage this year.

The day before the event (May 5th) is a free fishing kayak demo where anybody can try the best fishing kayaks.


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