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  New Jersey
3rd Annual Berkeley Striper Club Spring Tournament
Jun 02, 2006
to Jun 11, 2006  

  The Berkeley Striper Club will be sponsoring its third annual spring tournament to benefit Stripers Forever from June 2nd through June 11th.  Stripers Forever is the internet based organization seeking to make striped bass a no-sale or gamefish along the entire east coast rather than just in certain states like New Jersey. The tournament is open to all Ocean and Monmouth County waters.  Entrance fees are $25. for the boat category and $25. for the shore/surf category.  Each category will have 1st through 7th place prizes for striped bass, 1st-3rd place prizes for bluefish and 1st-2nd place prizes for weakfish. A total of over $6000. worth of combined cash and merchandise is guaranteed to be awarded regardless of the number of entrants. Along with cash, participants will win high quality rods from Rogue, G.Loomis, Lamiglas, Seeker and Barefoot as well as great reels from Tica, Daiwa, Shimano, Okuma and Penn.  Other prizes include a MinnKota battery charger, an Aquaskinz plug bag and a $100. gift certificate from Lockwood Boat Works.  Further, winners will be able to choose their prizes at the awards ceremony on 6/11.  There will also be some door prizes along with hot dogs and soda.
    Those wishing to participate may enter by mail or register at 15 official registration and weigh-in stations.  These include Alex's, Bahr's Landing, Betty & Nick's, Bruce & Pat's, Crabby’s, Eastern, Dock Outfitters, Grizz's, Fisherman's Headquarters, Jersey Joe’s,
L & H Woods and Water, Murphy's Hook House, Scott's, Stephen's and the Tackle Box, bait and tackle stores. We are also having optional pool/calcuttas for the largest bass from a boat and the largest bass caught from the shore. It cost $50. for each pool and the winners will receive 75% whille the remaining 25% will be donated to Stripers Forever.Information may also be obtained by going to or calling Paul at (973)943-8201 or Chris at (732)754-2970
Berkeley Striper Club Spring Fishing Tournament Application
6/2/06 – 6/11/06

  I understand that in conjunction with engaging in the tournament, I could experience certain hazards and be involved in certain risks.  I further recognize that it would be impractical as well as well as unfair for the Berkeley Striper Club, its officers, directors, and committee members and/or any and all persons or boat owners and their crew directly or indirectly involved in or connected with the Tournament to be liable or responsible in any way for my safety.  I hereby release, hold harmless and forever discharge the Tournament and its officers, directors and committee members, the boat owners and their crews from any liability and/or libel, loss, damage harm, injury or death suffered by me which may occur during the Tournament.  I understand this includes any claims based upon any negligent act or omission.
  I understand that I enter the Tournament at my own risk and hereby assume all risks, which may be involved in participating in the Tournament, particularly hazards due to weather conditions, and I fully understand that anytime during my participation, I may elect not to participate when I think the weather or any hazards are too great.
  I hereby agree to the terms and conditions of this general release and agree to abide by the rules and regulations prescribed for competition in the Berkeley Striper Club’s Tournament and affix my signature hereto.  Parent must sign for entrants under 18 years old.
Name:__________________________________ Age__________
Phone Number_______________________________________E-mail____________________________
Check Applicable Tournament Options:
? BoatDivision          $25.
? Surf/Shore Division   $25.        
? Boat Striper Pool (Calcutta) $50.
      (75% to winner 25% to Stripers        Forever)                            
?  ShoreStriper Pool/calcutta$50.                                   (75% to winner, 25% to Stripers   Forever)                                                      
Total Entry Fee Enclosed  $________  (For mail in entries make check payable to the Berkeley Striper Club, C/O Tournament Director, 160 Doherty Drive, Clifton N.J. 07013)

Entrant’s Receipt For Payment
Entrant’s name_________________________Date____________
Payment of  $______ was received by _____________________ for the 2006 Berkeley Striper Club Spring Fishing Tournament


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