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  New York
Long Island Luhrs Owner's Tournament
Sep 08, 2006
to Sep 10, 2006  

A) Purpose:
1) This tournament is for the purpose of generating camaraderie among owners of vessels built by Luhrs.
2) To promote sportfishing among Luhrs owners.

B) Eligibility:
1) Open to all owners of Luhrs boats. Oakdale Boat Center reserves the right to refuse entry to any boat and/or person.

C) Entry:
1) Entry fee of $100.00 per boat (includes Captain   $75.00 per angler (example: Boat, Captain & three anglers == $325.00)
2) The Captain or at least 1 crewmember must attend a Captain's meeting on Friday, September 8th, 2006, 6:00 p.m. at Oakdale Yacht 520 Shore Drive, Oakdale NY.

Call 631-589-7779 for further information


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