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Porgy fishing is still very good with big fish limits the norm-we are seeing more weaks than we did all spring-nice 4 to 6lb spiecimens(on fresh clams).We only have the bare min. to get off the dock,sighned up for tommorrow"s trips-8am till 2ish them again 5:30 to 9:30-youll have plenty of room so bring the kids(wife?-------just kidding)Things could change but we have been drift fishing with lead ranging from 2 oz and down:)
Going down to the boat now too revamp the entire "head"Im going to install a standard home toilet and pressurize the system-Hope I dont run into to many problems.These ?#@#? electric marine toilets @#?*@#$%....!!Even if you leave the dock with it working perfect-just one tampon,paper towl,ect-Game over till you take it apart--fun times.Im sure most of you are smiling and know what im talking about.
I took my son Zephyr down to the boat yesterday with a simple plan to see him catch his first fish(he will be two end of summer)Well first cast,first fish,first Striper-It was AWSOME!I think daddy might have scoped it out prior?After teaching him about catch and release,we promply left these little guys alone to grow up.Do you think we have bass holding over and spawning in Long Islands river systems?We sure do.Any ?"s about our trips give me a call @631-831-4992-also check out the web Thanks for all the support we have been getting-Capt.Larry & Crew


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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