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Man,I need one of those wireless internet connections along with a affordable Laptop-Then I could make a habit of posting after every trip on the ride home.If anyone has any inexpensive as possible solutions or reccomendations please contact me-better yet if someone has a used laptop that they could barter for trips that would be super cool.
This past week you really had to work for the Porgies due to just coming off the moon,Raging SW winds along with an incoming tide.-The week before was more instant gradifcation fishing.Scup fishing for our upcoming FRi,sat,sun,mon trips should be great-as for the blues and bass LAST week-Fri & Sat night trips-5:30-9:30 .The bait and fish were just not in our area-despite me pulling my hair out everyone seemed to have fun-The bunker pods moved out along with the local chopper Blues-they could be back tommorrow or return in the Fall-who knows-but the smaller size jig fish should take over Flanders bay at any time-What im saying is I beleive we are in a transition period-Here are some Scup pics-Sorry for the lack of reports-Capt.Larry


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