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Keep trying to get work done(cosmeticly)on the boat but the all day giant blues suck me in every time-If you diecide to goto Riverhead for this action,I suggest drift a live bunker,use a trebel or single 7/0 strong hook and inbed it on the top of its tail-Use 80lb leader or wire-live has had the edge over the chunks-I only have a couple sighned up for FRI 8am FLUKE/wEAKS/BLUES.WE Get back to the dock after 3pm-We provide everything youll need-just pack a lunch-for bait we have squid,peruvians,smelt,belly, plus all sorts of teaser rigs-After June 12th we will add giant BONELESS porgie fillets too your take home bag ass well-yummy.The boat is all lite up for the Sat night 4:30 till 10:00pm Bass and Blues mission-this has been a weekly hit for all onboard-Also I would like to do a live bait Shinny trip-10 person Max,date is up in the air-If you think you might be intrested please give me a call @ 631-831-4992 or e-mail [email protected]-The boat sails 8am every FRI,SAT,SUN,MON-See you at the rail...Capt Larry & crew
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