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young kid fishing

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hey everyone any ideas on where to take a young kid fishing in the stamford area from shore where a parking permit is not needed gonna try to mainly target schoolies and snapper blues but will accept a few porgies.
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Stamford shore fishing

I see a lot of people fishing from the shore in that park at the end of Harbour Drive off of Shippan Avenue. Lots of parking and no permits required. Also a lot of people fish in that new park on the point that seperates the East Branch and the West Branch. I do not know how to get there by car, probably out at the end of Canal Street somewhere. But there are acres of parking and I do not think permits are required though I could be wrong. Good fishing there from either side of the point, I often drift my boat through there. I do not see anybody fishing for snappers yet, they may not be in yet though I did catch some very small blues earlier this weekend.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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