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Wulff triangle taper

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Does anybody use the Wulff TT monoclear line? the royal wulff website says that it has been used for florida fishing, but now it's starting to get used up in New England. Another one of their lines states it's best suited for water above 70 degrees (although, the monoclear line doesn't state this). Is this just marketing to get the line sold up in the NE?

I've used the TT a couple of times this year in a 5wt, and really like it.
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I haven't used it personally, but have heard from friends that like it. They say doesn't cast exactly like a regular WF line. Something like between a WF and a shooting head. Good presentation ability for shallow water, so I've been told.

As to warm water lines, I've used some around here (ex: a bonefish line for fishing the creeks). My guess is our colder water, even in the summer, will probably effect the material. It may coil up more than normal. Probably will shorten the lines' life too.

If you really think you need a clear line Cortland and Air Flo have some good clear lines.

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