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Wow! Great Cod trip!

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Hi Everyone!

My name is Jim and I live in Gloucester Ma. I just retired from horse racing and now I can spend my free time fishing. I love striper fishing so moved from Saratoga to Gloucester.

I saw your charter last week so I decided to try a trip on the Yankee. First day was unreal! I had 17 cod between 14 and 25 pounds. I did not count the rest of the I had but I had a fish on for most of the day. Second day was much of the same however the captain left earlier than we were supossed to. I asked why we left and he said everything was full and they were out of ice? We got in just in time for an amazing thunder storm.

Here is a picture of my filets. I gave everything to the Gloucester Action Shelter for battered Women. My wife volunteers there. She also made a awesome dish with the wolfish I caught, what a great fish to eat.

Next trip is tonight, looking forward to getting away from this heat.



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I'm scheduled tonight as well, but the weather will be a factor...we'll see, possible tropical storm winds tomorrow evening..not good.

Greg will make the call....we'll see what me no fish is worth a beating...
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