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Stoneguy77 wrote:
This show is a rip off from the japanese show they would dub and air on spike t.v. Much better than this.

I use to watch that show all the time it was funny as ****

The 2 guys commentating the show were funny as ****

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Moe DVR'd it....and I LOVE IT !--good funny stuff there

Come on....the 50 year old 'Cougar' chick was funny as ****!
What was even better was the older black chick with the cougar leotards.
Neither one of them made it.
Who would????
Thats a rough show.
I'll watch it!

The commentary alone is worth the time.
Give it a shot.

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original MXC rocks

we may get universal Noreast agreement on this issue.

'The Most Extreme Elimination' on SPIKE was funny as ****. when I read that an American outfit was trying to reproduce it I just knew it would be lame
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