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Winter Maintence

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Hi,Does anybody still "fog" their outboards anymore? The guy in the marina told me to just squirt outboard oil in the cylinders and never to fog the engine? I have always fogged the engine and it seems crazy not to?? Thanks,davey
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Well, you know what they say about opinions.. my .02, Allways fog it. I've never heard anyone say not to fog an outboard. Some people won't actually run it when they fog, and instead will inject the crankcase and cylinders and then rotate the flywheel to distribute. The fogger is just special oil; it's made to coat and protect, same as engine oil or mystery oil or whatever, but fogger actually comes in a spray can and will disperse better. Fogger is also made to displace moister, which is the real enemey as far as long periods of storage go.

What really bothers me about what your mechanic said, is that by only injecting the cylinders, you are leaving the crank/bearings/reeds all unprotected, and although these parts may be doused in some oil allready, it certainly does not hurt to add some extra. If a roller bearing or crank journal gets one little pit on it, there's a good chance it will spin and cause all sorts of headache.

If you want a second opinion or an alternative to fogger, check out - there's a discussion board there dedicated to outboard repair/maintanence.

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