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I am almost looking forward to a break from fishing this winter...I lost weight, my back is tweaked out, and my tackle is in very bad need of reapair/organization.
In the off-season i plan on spending a whole lot of time with a very special woman ;) and her daughter.
I will also be changing all the hooks on plugs that need it (3/4 of them) tying bucktails , building a couple rods(teaching a couple guys how to wrap too), overhauling all my reels and going to a few fishing shows should take up a lot of time...oh and i almost forgot...SLEEPING IN...especially on the weekends(hopefully the "very special woman" will be included here :) )
so Al since you dont take the winter off, what do you do to rub it in all those who aren 't fishing ;)
1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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