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Winter Doldrums ? What to do?

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Hello all,

To some this message may be premature? and to some, they can?t relate because they never stop? but I am sure there are a few that are thinking about it -or- already packed it in.

So, I ask you? What do you do during the winter break? Do you catch up with your family, start filling your cookie jars, clean your tackles, plan trips or what?

Cough it up and let?s hear some ideas. :)

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
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My girlfriend has been waiting to go to the movies for months now. Thats the first thing on my list. I usually go to outdoor stores for rides during the winter to find deals and it gives my girl and i a chance to be together and more important to find deals. I really don't do too much during the winter but prepare for the next season, spend time with family and sleep.
Same as sandwormer. Taken my girlfriend out. She is collecting on all the rain checks. Bought a couple surf fishing books. Looking to see if there are any seminars and hitting some of the tackle shop sales that are going on. Are there any local sponsored fishing shows on public access tv during the winter?
Every Sunday, coffee @ Captree

Bill Sullivan
Jones/Debs editor
Nor'east Saltwater
I am almost looking forward to a break from fishing this winter...I lost weight, my back is tweaked out, and my tackle is in very bad need of reapair/organization.
In the off-season i plan on spending a whole lot of time with a very special woman ;) and her daughter.
I will also be changing all the hooks on plugs that need it (3/4 of them) tying bucktails , building a couple rods(teaching a couple guys how to wrap too), overhauling all my reels and going to a few fishing shows should take up a lot of time...oh and i almost forgot...SLEEPING IN...especially on the weekends(hopefully the "very special woman" will be included here :) )
so Al since you dont take the winter off, what do you do to rub it in all those who aren 't fishing ;)
I don't just have to refill the cookie jar---I have to start from scratch and rebuild it :)

This winter, I plan to rest both of my elbows---which are currently trashed from fishing---then swap and sharpen hooks, tear down, clean, and re-grease reels, and take in the usual shows. Unless I get word of a winter bite down Brian's way ;)

Once the jar is rebuilt and there's enough coin covering the bottom---maybe LILCO.

Well, hopefully all those rods standing in the corner will be repaired for their owners b4 St Pat's Day.
Have several rod orders to finish and hopefully the 2002 rod orders will start to come in.

Jan, feb and March are filled in with shows at the NCC in Jan, Federation in ??, and 2 rod building seminars. And maybe a trip to NC to check out a boat with the owner.

Still trying to convince myself to buy that $200 chance (only 200 chances sold) on a 48'boat that would make a great party boat. A major problem, if I won it a 1099 form comes with it, boat value = $200,000.00.

Oh well, in my dreams.

Then of course we have all those good family things to do and occasions.

Before we know it, flounders have arrived in Shinne****.

Capt Neil

PS Capt Bill, Leda Ann, would like to meet you for coffee some Sunday at Captree!!!!!

Custom Fishing Rods by Captain Neil

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I'll give you a call and meet you one sunny Sunday.


Bill Sullivan
Jones/Debs editor
Nor'east Saltwater
What to do in the Winter?
1. Move to Staten Island.
2. Ice fish with Crash
3. Build Rods
4. Tie flies, bucktails and whatever else.
5. Hopefully Blackfish in Sheepshead with someone.
6. Fishing Shows (??)
7. Rodbuilding Seminars (2)
8. Build more rods
9. Spend too much time on the internet, and probably get in trouble at work as a result.
10. Sneak into BrianZ's house and try to find my Kingship title he stole from me!!

- Neil - Let me get this straight - $200 per ticket, only 200 sold, for a $400,000 boat? If true, why not corner the market and buy all the tickets? Only allowed to but 1 ticket, tell all of you friends to buy one for you!!
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Hi Billy.


1 zero was missing.. It is 2000 chances. $400,000.00.

If you win you get a 1099 form for $200,000.00.

Then you have 10% excise tax and 8.5% NY State Sales Tax.

I would have to sell the ticket for ????? If that's legal.

Think I will still buy one, just in case??????

See You Feb. 9th at the Rod Building Seminar.


Custom Fishing Rods by Captain Neil
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Ice fish on the Connecticut R. up here in NH for walleye, bass, and northerns. About the only freshwater fishing I get to do anymore.....and dream about springtime and gettin the boat all salty again.

Neil - I figured there was a zero missing somewhere. I need to keep my ideas to myself sometimes, just couldn't pass up on that one. $40,000 for $200,000 sounded too good to be true!! Unfortunately still too much for me!!

February 9th will be a great day, look forward to discussing some spiral wraps and decals with you.

Geez, taxes are a killer
After the Christmas rush it time to repair tackle clean all the gear off the boat thats piled in the corner of the basement and then head for the keys. I'll let you know how the fishing is.
No more Ted's Fishing Station with the kids?

Bill Sullivan
Jones/Debs editor
Nor'east Saltwater

-There are Blacks in 17 from Brooklyn 'till March.
-Offshore wreck trips in NJ from Belmar if you
can endure the 5-8 hours ride each way.
- No Man's land in the Viking....
-The National Boat show in Javis center in Jan.
-The Rod Building seminar on Feb 9.
Then.....You be too busy building all kinds of rods and next thing you know it is flounder season.....

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Hi Reelsa,

If I can be of help regarding info on Rod Building Seminar please contact me by email or phone. (631) 567 8049.

I will be doing some of the demos.

Capt Neil

Custom Fishing Rods by Captain Neil

Thanks for the offer. I'm already registered. See you there. Can't wait...

Meanwhile, contiune togging 'till then. :)

Bill - That day you saw me out there with Crash and his daughter was the lsat day out of Ted's for me. The fish moved to deeper water after that - at least that's what I was told. I'll be back in May though with my son and my girl.
Swamp-stomp for crappies and pikeral untill it freezes...

Then icefish (trout, panfish, pike) untill its time to start thinking about stripes agian.
Occasional tog trips out of Sheepshead Bay, a trip or two to Connetquot, maybe an offshore sea bass trip. Cod out of Gloucester, although June is a better month for that. If only I were so lucky to take a trip down to Florida or Mexico or likewise.

There is the Freeport Fishing Show, The Livingston (NJ) fly fishing show, and the Suffern, NY outdoor show.

Honestly, winter is the time where I spend my efforts filling up the cookie jar. Have to wine, dine, and entertain my wife for all the absences I start incurring in Spring, Summer, and Fall.

If time permits, there's the usual fly-tying and plug making, hook sharpening, plug treble replacements and reel maintenance.

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