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Wind is one of the most important factors in Surf fishing.Wind will keep tides up for longer periods-push the tides out,increase or decrease current,push bait,make for some nice white water,or just plain reek havoc. I recommend you think like a striper. Know what water temps they prefer. If its above or below those temps bass are going to adjust by finding better water that's going to be conducive to their ability to feed. For example-in early spring when temps are well below 55 degrees. Where are you going to go? Back Bays?--Thats a good bet. Why? B/c the water temps back their are warmer-among many other factors. Wind? You want a wind at your back or no wind at all. WHY? Water warm and STABLE. Another example is Shag-in Montauk. Its no secret that Hard NW wind on ebb water can prduce some slobs there-especially in the fall. WHY? Because the wind is pushing the bait into the beach and at the same time increasing current by moving in the same direction as the current.Always-- Always consider wind. SOme beaches you want it at your back some in your face. Depending on time of year and structure you fishing you will have to make that determination.If it's our first Noreaster in September-CALL IN SICK!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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