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Wind Direction

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Appreciate all of the post and help.

Again, which is the best wind direction?
Does it make a difference if you are on the NOrth or South shore?

(e.g. if someone says a southerly wind, do they mean COMING or GOING in that direction....)

don't go out much and would like everthing going for me!!!!

Thanks again.
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When the weather report states wind direction it's the direction the wind is coming from. I prefer a light (under 8 MPH)S-SW winds for the North Shore and South Shore. First of all it takes the Gnats and Horse\Deer flys out of the equation. although Horse\Deer flys are pretty persistant little buggers. On the North shore the land usaully will block the wind and keep the water calm, making surface lures more effective. On the South shore the wind keeps the bait and game fish in close. See Hat beards posts from last week at RM5. I like to fish surface lures or slow retrieved swimmers the flatter the water the better these lurs produce. It also makes for an exciting strike when you can see the fish explode on a surface plug.
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