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Wind Direction

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Appreciate all of the post and help.

Again, which is the best wind direction?
Does it make a difference if you are on the NOrth or South shore?

(e.g. if someone says a southerly wind, do they mean COMING or GOING in that direction....)

don't go out much and would like everthing going for me!!!!

Thanks again.
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For me South West is best....

Gilgo, Tobay and Rob Moses 5...
Look for 2 consecutive days of SW does a couple of things..

pushes bait up against beach which attracts the predators, creates the white water bass love in close to beach,(for bait fisherman this is great, for pluggers it seems they may like it flatter ie..previous post)...the white water creates a buffet for the bass as the clams are crushed at shore and bits of food create a good reason for the bass to prowl the surf....

P.S. go either at sun up or sundown with incoming tide...or outgoing depending on when they are feeding that year
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