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Whos Who...

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Hows 'bout everyone check in ex: your name, location, what u paddle and / or fav fishing spot....
I'm John, staten island, OK Frenzy (little bathtub toy) and luv sandy hook bay.
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Hey yonkers...

Glen island is just a great area. After you get a kayak I will give you the 2 cent tour to some of the my favorites spots. We just got a a bunch of kayak in so anytime you want to demo let me know.
Chec in

Hi! I am NEW2KAYAK and no yak yet. Hooking up w/Jon & Joey to get one.

Live in Fresh Meadows, Queens.
Mostly fresh water fishing - no fly.
Some saltwater fishing in Bayside, Jones beach. Much to learn.
Want a yak for more fish, more fishing, more fun, more excercise, more adventure,
and more...
Checking in from Mass.

Hi I'm Pete, moved to the North Shore of Mass. originally from Deer Park, LI.
Tons of huge stripers up here. Currently figuring out what kayak to buy. Surf fishing for now...
MA stripers

If you ever need any help catching those stripers Joey and I would be willing to join you.

I live on the north shore east end LI, and fish from a Perception-Acadia.
Been fishing from a Yak for the past three years. Mostly sound from Cutchogue - Orient. Want to try south shore bays this season.
east end fishing

Been surf fishing east end LI 25 years last year started yak fishing off of my tribal and love it.Fish both fly and spinning.
I'm me

Zack outta Captree NY area on a WS Ride...just bought it used. Used to use a bay yak but wanted a SOT for the oceanside too...looking forward to the full moon this weekend!!!

[email protected]
41 - 48 of 48 Posts
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