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Merry Christmas! I figure that I'll throw this one out there early to see if anyone is looking to mate on a charter boat in 2008. Check out my website, I'm a sponsor on this site and I've got plenty of content on my site to give you a great feel of how I run a boat.

I'll be starting cod fishing on April 1 from Green Harbor and I'll run trips until mid/late November, fishing for everything from cod/haddock to sharks to fluke/porgy to bluefin tuna on the troll and with spinning gear.

You must of course know your butt from your elbow around a boat, fish, fillet, but more importantly, be able to have a conversation with anyone. We're all about customer service on the Black Rose.

Drop me a line if this is either something that you'd like to do full-time or if you'd like to be considered available when needed.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Capt. Rich Antonino
Black Rose Fishing Charters
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