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Whitechins on Whiteleggers

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Spent hours crabbing for whiteleggers Friday night for a tog trip with a friend on Saturday. Caught about 2 bushels of greenies to get 2 dozen whitelegger. They're pretty hard to come by down this way. Good thing we got some whiteys! Went out to a wreck in 85 feet of water and caught a 2 and an 8 pound tog. Real slow there. So we went out to a wreck in 100 feet. Started picking up a lot of 3-5 pounders on greenies. Decided to drop a ****** down. As soon as it hit bottom, I hooked up with a nice fish. He went 10.5. Caught a few other 6-8's then I told my buddy to drop a ****** down. First drop, he hooked up with a good fish. That one went 11 pounds. Dropped another down, got a 10.9. After that we caught a few more 5-6 pounders until we ran out of whiteleggers. Good thing we did though. We had a limit of big tog and by then the wind was blowing up and the seas were 6 feet. Had to go 19 miles through that s**t in my 20 foot boat, but it was worth it. Had one of my best days of toggin ever. Looks like the whitelegger crab bite is on now! I'm not leavin the dock without em. Maybe I'll take a road trip up to Sheepshead Bay and get a few bushels of em :)

Tom on the left, me on the right.


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nice tog!!
not worth your life though
but nice tog
just a thought!
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