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I saw an article in the fisherman about fishing in the old days. Their editor, Fred Galafolo recalled marlin fishing back in the 1960's. He recalled raising 20 white marlin in a day while fishing within sight of Fire Island. What happened to all those great marlin ? I hope that great fishing returns.
As a kid growing up in the 1970's I was fortunate enough to have experienced the great weak fishing in the peconics and the great flounder fishing. I also experienced the great sharking.
I also saw the Russian trawlers that ruined the fishing here.
Tell us your stories of fishing in the old days. They are so nice to hear and read about.

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The russians just started it, the U.S. longliners finished it. As recently as five years ago I could go out the second week of July and target Whites, usually caught 2-3 and raised a few more than that, trolling skipping ballyhoo.
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