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Hi all,
I was wondering if anybody out there is using this
type of fishing line.
If you have used it I would like to hear from you.
Any info you can provide will be appreciated!
I would like to know if its better than fireline
and if it can cast farther than fireline.
Plus the thickness (diameter)
I use fireline 20lbs test and its equiv. to 8 lbs test or 12 I forget.
I looked at Berlkeys website and the lowest I seen
was #65 lbs test anybody know the equivalent since
this is a thinner type fishing line?
Plus I only fish with lures with these types of
fishing line.Is Whiplash a good line to use with lures?
Thanks in advance & Happy new year everyone!

IBEW local 1049

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Ibew: whiplash comes in 50test 65,85,100,150 200,. i try it in is softer then fireline but i was getting
more wind knots in it. i like fireline 30lbs better and power-pro 50lbs. then 65lbs.

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I've been using Whiplash for two seasons. I like it a lot. 65# Whip has about 12# mono diameter, and I can get 300 yards on an Abu 6500 reel. I tried 30# when they still made it, but found it really didn't have the strength and abrasion resistance for a lot of the fishing I do.

I like Fireline better for the classic spinning reels, like the Penn 704/706 and the VS--although the VS did handle Whiplash fine. Fireline has a little more memory (not as limp) and these older Penn reels with their uneven line spooling trait, and in the case of the 704, their smaller line rollers, tend to twist the limper braids and lead to more knotting problems.

Even with the heavier tests of Whiplash, you have to keep an eye on it fro little fuzzies caused by abrasion. I had only one break-off in the two years I've used it, and when I checked the line, the last few inches had little nicks on it. On the otherhand, a little fuzziness is normal on Fireline as it wears in and gets a little softer, and this doesn't seem to affect the strength at all. I just finished the third season of fishing the same basic 300 yard "fill"---less a few yards cut back due to wear--on my VS 200.

I've had terrible luck with Power Pro knotting, and a few cases of mystery break-offs. Other guys swear by it, I swear at it. But, if you ask 100 guys, they'll all swear by their favorite braid, and mine is Whiplash. Some guys love pink Ande, I like Big Game, so to each his own.

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I have not tried the Whiplash yet, but I am currently using 20 lb power pro and 30 lb fireline. I don't like the power pro, it seems to break off with the least amount of abrasion. I've already lost a few nice plugs because of it. However it is very sensitive and has the diameter of 6 lb test. I definitely like the fireline more than the power pro, the only drawback I see is it is not as pliable(limp) as the power pro. Hope this helps!:):):)

Tight lines,
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