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guys help a brother out. started fishing chunks, whole dead, and whole live bait this year. psyched i am getting lot's of takes and runs by big girls, but hook up ratio sucks. using single gami circles and octupus' 6/0-8/0 snelled almost broke my rod over my knee late last night in total frustration. decided to scream a cursing tyraid instead... THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE. CHEERS WILL IN CT

PLEASE... what exact hook brand/model,sizes plus optimum insertion location for the following?? eelman taught me eels already THANKS again Bill

live bunker

live sea herring

bunker heads and big chunks

whole dead bunker

whole dead sea herring
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when using chunks + circles make sure that there is plenty of exposed gap otherwise it wont work properly. GL
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