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Where to get good custom rods?

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I was wondering what are the best blanks to make custom rods, and who on Long Island makes good custom rods. I know that Rod at J & R makes good rods, but I dont have 4 years to wait. I need three rods for 50's and one or two 30's. I would like all roller guides and will be using them for chunking and on the troll.

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Rick- How about checking in with Capt. Neil Faulkner. He has a Forum on custom rod building on this web site

Thanks, Tripleplay.

RickyK. I'm in Sayvill if I can help you.

I build on Seeker, Lamiglas and Calstar.

Have a completed Seeker 50# stand up on site as a demo. Still building a Calstar 50# SU with a spiral wrap.

By chance are you a member of the Oakdale Sportsmans Club?

I will be speaking at their meeting Thursday night.

Stop by to check out the spiral wrapped Stand Up 50#. It will be available for testing.

If I can be of help call 567-8049.

Capt Neil
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Capt. Neil,

I am not a member, but I know a few members. Where is the meeting, is it at the wharf? Do you have some pictures you could email me for now, I would appreciate it. Also where is your shop in Sayville, so that I could come buy and discuss pricing and see some demo's. My email is [email protected].

I would appreciate it if I could get some rcommendations on blanks to use?


Meeting is tomorrow night at the Snapper Inn. I think you would have to check with your friend if you could go with him as a guest.

Sorry I don't have any pictures.

Just west of Broadway Ave,just north of the ball park.

Here are good blanks.

CTSF55XH 50-80 composite
TSF55H 30-80 E GLASS
TSF55XH 40-100 E GLASS

665H 30-80 E GLASS
665 20-50 E GLASS
These are fast action. They also make models that are X fast and 2x fast. They also have composite models, GF series.

Has blanks that are excellent and more rugged. I have built on them also, especially for trolling(IFGA rated).

Capt Neil
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Capt. Neil,

I don't know if I can make it down there tonight, I have a few things to do. What time is the meeting, I live right a round the corner, maybe I can catch you there before you leave. Otherwise, I will just have to swing by your shop one day.

Hi Rick,

I will be speaking at 830 PM and should be thru before 930 PM. Will be in lobby or meeting for awhile.

Will have 2 50# standups with me. The Calstar still needs the top wraps installed. Both rods can be pulled on.

Hope to see you there.

Capt Neil
Capt. Neil,

Sorry, I didnt have time to make it down there last night, But I would like to come and take a look at your rods. I am hoping to come down to your shop one day. What time and days are you usually there?

Hi Rick.

Right now I am in the shop more ofter than not. As the fishing season heats up I will be on the water more than now.

Daytime, evenings or weekends give a call so we can get together.

My presentation on rod stability and spiral wraps seemed to be well received.

Give a call at 567-8049.

Capt Neil
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Capt. Neil's Custom Rods

Hey, Rick, here's a plug for Capt. Neil's rod work. It is outstanding, plus he's a gentleman who is always willing to help people. We need more people in the world like him. :)
He is also a very good speaker. If you missed him the other night, be sure to catch him some other time. Neil came down to talk to my fishing classes last fall and did an excellent job on the topic of fluke fishing. He's probably better when it comes to rodbuilding. I hope this recommendation helps you.
Jerry McGrath
Witch do you want? Chunking rods or trolling rods? These are two entirely different tools. Some stand up rods are capeable of both. Be carefull not to confuse the two. The west coast method of using stand ups around 7' are powerfull and make it easy on your body and reels when chunking. Here in the east, traditional trolling rods fit the bill when dragging baits or lures. Good Luck!
mark flynn has a shop "flynns" custom tackle in wantaugh ny. his shop is right across from the LIRR. north side. mark built at sea isle for years. he is amazing. his prices are amazing. and he stands by his work.

Ypu will do well with a custon rod designed and crafted by Mark Flynn.

Yes, he is a friend of mine.

Capt Neil

if you could try to hook up with capt Neil,I checked out his rods a few times at the shows this past winter.Right now I have enough rods for a small party boat,but in the future if I should need anything different I will see capt.Neil. He has some beautiful sticks,and I too am a Seeker fan.
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