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Where to get frozen freshwater Minnows (Or any other freshwater baitfish)

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Looking for some deadbaits for Prospect Park. My Dad says that supermarkerket boiled Shrimp are too much $$$$$$$$$$! LOL But I've been thinking of Minnows or Shad or some dead freshwater baitfish. Most people on the board know that I do not use live baits- Shrimp to Worms to Herring ;):)
- But I'm wondering where I can buy Minnow- sized fish like Shiners or Fat-Head Minnows or Sawbellies or Shad. A local bait shop run by the same guy who ran the cleaners nextdoor sold Golden Shiners imported from the Great Lakes, but they closed down. Some pet shops like Petland discound collect and trash feeder Goldfish that die, I guess that I could buy the dead ones from them. There are a lot of "floaters" in the feeder tanks so I guess I'd have an endless supply... I know that there are a few bait shps in Brooklyn and Park Slope, and if any of them sell Minnows or freshwater baitfish- has to be dead, not live- please tell me. I could use saltwater Silversides but I read that bait packaged with salt will disintegrate if they touch freshwater.THANKS VERY MUCH!

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Just curious,
what are you using the bait for.
Also, why not use live bait
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