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where to buy a power wrapper...

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i think im gonna get started builing rods...ive always liked personal touches on rods. where is a good place to get one? ive seen manual hand wrappers on ebay for 125 bucks...with a dryer... i was going to get that until i saw a power wrapper in action... which brand and where to get one would be greatly appriecated...
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i just perchase a sewing mashine motor with the foot pedal, i just use my inteligent and rig up a power wraper, i has not done a rod on it as yet, but i tested it and it work fine, as long as it will do the job thats all i care about. dont have to be fancy.
motor cost under 30 dollars, you can get a good power wrapper for about 260 to maybe as high as 400 big one, try i just order two blanks from the too good luck.

You can purchase them from me. I have a Clemments lathe and a Pac Bay lathe that I can show you. I will have the lathe of your choice drop shipped to you.

Capt Neil
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