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I can only hope that before the season is over the gorillas that usually inhibit the waters of the western sound will finally show this fall. Is it possible they just might never show in any good numbers for the entire season? Lets hope not.

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Big bait catches big fish!!!

Until these peanut bunker start to thin out and the adults move in I think we are in for ****tails for the rest of the year. Unless of course you go deep trolling or something. Its been one of those years usually its all blues and no bunker this year you could walk on the bunker but nothing is pushing them the only good thing is that the blues haven't pushed the stripers out you can still get away with mono leaders and not lose nearly as many as you do when the gorillas are around. I am going camping on the norwalk islands this weekend and plan on doing a ton of fishing hopefully I can find a few big blues. Don't lose hope the biggest blue I ever got was on my birthday Sept. 18th so theres still time.

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report, hempstead harbor 10-4-02 late afternoon

Phish and other interested members

took a ride around the harbor in above time frame

testing some repair work on the ole' merc "tower of power"

wind kicked up a little , at 6pm was from the north, gusting an estimated 14 knots, got little choppy out there, not good visibilty for surface action

pleanty of fishing familys lineing the shore at all available points, tossing them snapper poppers randomly. not many snapper were spotted going into buckets, although the casting was brisk and enthustastic

small blues were spotted just off the tappin beach fishing pier, busting on the top for the peanuts, birds....they were spotted later at 730pm direct across on the west side

lots of blow-boats outside sketter creek, not many fishing boats

wind dropped at about 730 to nothing, nice and smooth

headed in, no big fish action spotted, no big bunker, no big blues spotted

planning tomorrow afternoon , weather permitting.

just trying to keep my finger on the pulse. i want to be there when they come chompping thru


boat checked out, passed sea-trial
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