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what's a pinhooker?

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Hello NE,

I am a new member and a new angler. GREAT SITE!!!

Is there an "angler's dictionary" somewhere here? I'd like to know what a "pinhooker" is, or what "backing off" a fish mean and so forth. I reallize these are totally beginner type questions, but that's what I am right now. I kind of feel embarrased to ask these type of questions in the regular forums - most people seem to be quite advanced here. I've been reading the older posts and other sites - but sometimes a good old dictionary seems like the best place for a quick definition of an angling term I don't understand.

Thanks and keep up the great work!
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post this on ask the pros

you have to put this question up in the ask the pros section, people put tec questions here about the web site, and its functionality.
that would be a great idea

But I think that it would take a while to put together.
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