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I think this might be both interesting and instructive.

Be HONEST now.

Here are mine:

Striped Bass: 35"

Fluke: 9lb 4oz

Bluefish: 16.5lbs

Seabass: 3lb2oz

Blackfish: 9lb7oz

Spanish Mackeral: 25"

Winter Flounder: None

How about you guys?

rgds, Leprechaun

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Hi Lep,
Nice Topic!

Stripe Bass 26 lb
Fluke 6.3 oz
Bluefish 12 lb
Seabass 2.4 oz
Blackfish 7.7 oz
Spring Flounder 1.9 oz
Blue Shark Lenght of transom 10'

It was a very tough fall with all the wind. Didn't do enough blackfishing so hope this spring works out.

B regards

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This past season caught more fish than any previous year but nothing to Brag about.
Types of fish I target are Stripe bass,Blues,Fluke,Flounder and Porgy's.
Just your average size caught this year no Trophy fish!

Looking forward to 2003 season!

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What i could remember?

Striper= 47" 40lbs.
Bluefish over 15 never bothered to weigh
Fluke= 10+
BlackDrum= 5+lbs
Trigger fish 4 to 5lbs.
Jack = 5lbs.
seabass= 6lbs.
Albie= 15 lbs.
True bonita around 7lbs.
Searobin B52=4 or better
Porgie= 3.5 lbs.
cod = some schoolies nothing big
ling = 3 lbs.
mackrel 3 lbs
Flounder 2.5 lbs
Seagull= 2
I do have pictures of most I did not mention any offshore stuff but had tuna and Mahi and some sharks. had an operation last summer so i was limited to offshore fishing:( But all the above were caught in local waters .

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Cod-25 pounds
pollock-28 pounds
hake-17 pounds
cusk-12 pounds
tog-8.5 pounds
sea bass-5.5 pounds
tile- measily 10 pounds
porgy- 3 pounds
weakfish- 7 pounds
striped bass- 32 pounds
spot- 1.5 pounds
bluefish- 19.3 pounds
bergall- 3 lbs
ray- 20 to 30 pounds never weighed it
robin- 4lbs
eel- 10+ pounds 4ft long
fluke- 5 lbs
albie - 8 lbs

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fluke - 4 lbs
bluefish - 7 lbs
striper - 21 lbs
blackfish 5.5 lbs
seabass - 2.5 lbs
flounder - 2 lbs
searobin - 1,354 lbs (total)
skate - 375 lbs (total)
albacore - 35 lbs
spider crab - 4 lbs
tree branch - 8 lbs (est)
various other inedible marine organisms - N/A

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Tog 15lbs Sheepsheadbay/Boat

Fluke 13.5 lbs Montauk/Boat

Stripper 53 inches Shore/East River

Bluefish 16.8 lbs shore/ East River

Porgy 17.5 inches shore/Montauk Camp Hero

Sea Bass 5 lbs Boat/Montauk

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Hey Leprechaun-nice thread!

bluefin tuna 50lbs
dorado 5lbs
skipjack 8lbs
little tunny 12lbs
blue shark 7 ft

striped bass 28lbs
bluefish 16lbs
weakfish 8lbs
fluke 7lbs
blackfish 7lbs
sebass 3lbs

out of state-Fla.,in my boat
sailfish 90inches
kingfish 20lbs
jack 5lbs
yellowtail 3lbs
mangrove 3lbs
houndfish 3lbs

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Heres the line up for this past year

Fluke- 8.9lbs

Striped Bass- 30lbs(released)

Seabass- 4.7lbs

tog- 7.5lbs

Bluefish- 15lbs(released)

Spanish Mackeral- 24 inches

Porgy- 3lbs

Weak Fish- 9lbs(released)

Mako- 325lbs

Sea Robin- 4.5 lbs

Amber Jack- 41lbs(released)

Trigger Fish 2lbs

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Nothing too special this year locally:
Cod- 43lbs
Hake 10lbs (I'm the MAN)
Cusk-9.5 lbs (YES!!!)
Tog- None (Never went)
Fluke- 4lbs (went only once)
Striper-37 inches (released) (from shore)
Winter flounder- 19 inches (from shore)
Blue shark- about 200 lbs
Bluefish-14lbs (from shore)

And there it is. One would expect my largest hake, pollock and cusk to be bigger consdiering the amount of trips I took, but no.

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Here's mine...

Tog: 10.5
Striper: 28
Bluefish: 15, then recycled it as bait
Fluke: 9+
Weakfish: 7
Seabass: 6
Green Bonita: 11
Skipjack: 10
Porgie: 4
Cod: 29
Ling: 4.7 lbs.
Flounder: 3.2 lbs
Yellowfin: 65
Mako: 127

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Fluke- 6.5 lbs
Striper - 17 lbs
Bluefish - 17 lbs
C-bass - 3 lbs
Blackfish 5.5 lbs
Shad - 22 in.
Largemouth bass 5 lbs
Crappie 17 in.
Carp about 15 lbs
Pickeral 29 in.
Trout (brown) 22 in.
Bluegill 10 in.
Flounder 2.74 lbs
Weakfish 7 lbs

Out of all those, the crappie gets my vote for fish of the year....
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