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What were they eating

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Thursday afternoon I was driving along the shoreline in Poquat( N.setauket). The tide was very low and a 1/2 doz. seagulls where swimming in about one or two Ft. of water. Then they would fly-upward about 2 feet and dive under the water and pull up a tasty treat.
They were not clams, they were very dark and soft bodied looked about 3 inches.
I was thinking maybe sandworms, anyone have any idea?:confused:
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sandworms. saw the sam thing you did as i was walking my dog and went down to investigate. saw over 20 worms swimmin in the water. looks like its gunna be an early season.
in setauket and port jeff harbors they are usually in the sand like you said. in march and april they are commonly found swimming around on the surface and are a good early season forage for bass and are usually the first baits that i start with when targeting bass in the spring.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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