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What were they eating

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Thursday afternoon I was driving along the shoreline in Poquat( N.setauket). The tide was very low and a 1/2 doz. seagulls where swimming in about one or two Ft. of water. Then they would fly-upward about 2 feet and dive under the water and pull up a tasty treat.
They were not clams, they were very dark and soft bodied looked about 3 inches.
I was thinking maybe sandworms, anyone have any idea?:confused:
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snapperman wrote:
sandworms. saw the sam thing you did as i was walking my dog and went down to investigate. saw over 20 worms swimmin in the water. looks like its gunna be an early season.

Thanks. I never saw worms actually swimming, only found them while digging, how often do they come out and for how long? Is it just a short spawn type thing?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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