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I read an article in Sport Fishing magazine a while back and they tested 85 different Monos and Braids in 20 lb test. Fireline came out on top for breaking strength because it was one of the thickest of the braids. Western Filament Tuf-Line (black and white one not the Tuf-Line Plus) came in second in break strength but #1 in abrasion resistance. Fireline was also one of the most expensive braids too at almost $30 for 300 yards while Tuf-Line is $30 for 600 yards. Since that article, I have switched from Fireline to 35lb (.011 in) Tuf-Line for my striped bass rod and 20lb (.007 in) Tuf-Line for my weakfish rod. I just put about about 15 - 20 foot of Stren Original - Lo Vis Green (most abraision resistant mono) for a shock leader.

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