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I am looking to purchase a reel that will best fit these two Lamis that I have: XSRA 1322 1-5oz, XS9MHS 1-3oz. I would like to use 30# fireline, do I have to use mono backing?

The reels that I have settled on are the Mitchell/Nautil 6500 or 7500 or one of the TICAs. I like the $150 price range. This reel wuld be getting dunked a lot since I am a clutz.

Any advice would be much appriciated

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Well if your tossing just bait the 7500
will do just fine but if you plan on using lures it would be overkill I think.
I would go with the Tica as my first choice and the Mitchel as my 2nd choice.
Very good reels but expensive.
Also penn 704z is a very good reel for
$66 to $72 price range. You can definetly use it for both applications of Lures & Bait.
The Tica and mitchel definetly have more bells & whistles than the Penn
But 704z reels are a workhorse of a reel and can find parts anywhere.
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