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easiest way

The easiest way to drop 2 anchors is to run up around 50ft from your center point you want to sit. then ver off 30 degs. from your bearing and set the first anchor. come back to where you want the boat to stop and make sure it is set! Then while running up have someone watch the anchor line and adjust the line not to catch the prop or boat by pulling up the slack or feeding line when needed. after 50 to 100ft. ver off 30 degs. to the oppiste side of the other anchor make sure you haver a least a 3:1 scope min. on both lines to the depth of water. also make sure you have a least 10ft. of chain and depending on your boat a big enough anchor. I personally use a #22 anhor in a 23' boat. with 15 to 20 ft. of chain.
The chain is the most important part it absorbs the pull. after you have enough line out on the second anchor come back while still monitoring the first anchor till it is set. Then you could adjust the lenght to swing you over to where you want be. pulling up slack or letting out. the wider your spread makes it easier to cover more ground and adjust. till you get the hang of it dont go past a 60 deg spread or you'll have a problem. i like a 30 to 60 deg. spread myself. if done right you could set up on a piece the size of a car no problem. Also if your chunking sit ahead of the piece not right on it.
let the current take the baits back as well as the chumm. good luck hope it helps?
Capt mike
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