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How much do you want to spend, and how much time do you want put in on care and feeding? Every thing is relative. I use a penn 955 spooled with 15 lb fireline for fluke, weaks, and stripers from the boat. I've had numerous fish in the twenties with this set up and it handles them nicely. I use this reel with an 8 ft salmon rod for casting small plugs and jigs early in the season when fishing the back bays and canals.
I flush it and give it a shot of CRC after each use and twice a year I take it apart and degrease it and relube it. im sure there are better reels out there but Im happy with the performance of my 955s. Their not that pricy (around $180) and they cast well and are reliable.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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