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If price is no object, check out the Daiwa Millionaire CVZ-253(260 yds/12#); 6 BB and jewel-like precision with magnetic cast control.

For around $170, the Shimano Calcutta 250 is also a great reel just not as immaculate as the Daiwa. A great design that's passed the test of time. Smooth casting and I can't remember the last time I had a backlash with this reel.

In the bargain sleeper category, the Shimano Corsair 200A is a real winner (these are the gold-colored Corsairs, NOT the original silver ones). Nearly the same internals as the Calcutta. Doesn't have the same solidity since it's a 3-piece frame, but it's such a narrow reel, I don't think it matters that much. Yours for $69.

For any of these reels, just lightly spray (DON'T DUNK) with fresh water. Once a season oil your bearings and remove any excess grime or salt; regular maintenance. I also like to use CorrsionX for my bearings and shaft as a lube and protectant. Great stuff.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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