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What do I need (Alaska)?

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I'm going on a 10 day unguided trip June 19/29 to Kodiac Alaska for various species of Salmon including Kings. I know zero about fly fishing, will discuss the trip with the other members of the group, but was curious if anyone could explain some of the basics such as what type of rod and reel outfit would be ideal/waders/boots/et...? I believe that the river is not very wide so long casts are not a major issue. Long hikes with waders seems to be part of the trip. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Hey Bob,
Long hikes in waders would call for the "stocking foot" variety. You'll need good comfortable wading shoes to go with them. These are more comfortable than the boot foot variety, by far. You'll have to find out what the temperature is expected to be while you're there. That will decide wether to wear 3mm,5mm neoprene, or a breathable type of wader.
Can't help you much beyond that. Not a fly guy. But from what I've read in the past, the guides up there usually carry 12 gauge pump guns with deer slugs for the indigenous bruins that compete for the salmon.

Good Luck, and let us know how it goes! Rich
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