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What boat would you owners buy/build for a downeaster?????????

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Hello all. I'm new to the board but not boating. I've owned a 28 Bertram FBC cruiser for 15 years (for sale by the way, updated soup to nuts..aluminum fuel tank etc.,great deal...never thought I'd be selling the boat) and now I own a 31 Blackfin Combi with diesels. Our family are day boaters, fishing, cruising, some tuna, lobster traps etc. We use the boat 100-150 hours/year and boat out of the Merrimack River Newburyport.
Before the Blackfin I seriously considered having a 31 Duffy built. I now have the Blackfin, great fast heavy fishing boat, great lines, perfect for the family except pulling traps. (2 props in water for lines to snag).I'll own the Blackfin for 10 years or so.....BUT...
I still have a nagging obsession for owning and running a downeaster. 31 to 36 feet. Stable, protected running gear, not so fast, nost down compared to a planing hull and ONE engine/ running gear to wrench! Not luxury yacht quality. We USE the boat. Fishing, cruising, lobstering, lrage ****pit with access etc.
I've studied the posts, talked to other downeaster owners, Duffy, BHM, H&H, RP. The posts on the "Flowers" project is great. I love the bow thruster....if you boat in the Merrimack with a single screw, a real nice addition to have, boaters there will know what I mean!
What's new out there. Who are the builders you'd use, whose hull, what length and why?
Thanks, Bill D.
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Both, thanks for the replies. Brain, with all the "Beals" building hulls/boats, where does one look for a Calvin Beal Jr. 34 ?? Is the boat being built by Beal or some other shop?
Any pics you can post??
regards, Bill
Brian, answered my own question. The "Lori Morgan" a 34 Calvin Beal Jr. built 05-06 by Sargents Boat Shop is docked across the river from me on the Merrimack River Newburyport, Ma.

Now I know why the lines and the boat itself were so appealing to me. The problem is when, at least for me, when I see downeasters out and about on the water it's difficult to figure who's hull and what boat shop finished the boat.

I'll have to get on the Zodiac and take a ride over and chat with the owner.

Good luck with your boat, keep me (the forum) posted on the progess. What are you putting in for power? I think the Lori Morgan has a D9 Volvo. I've got twin Cummins 6BTA 370's Diamonds in the Blackfin. After watching/helping the mechanics bring the diesels up to spec, the Cummins are good simple engines,relatively cheap on parts and simple enough to repair. The engines run great.

Of course you with a new boat will have to bolt in a Tier II or Accert engine I believe. Are you bolting in Volvo, Cummins, Cat, Yanmars or other?

Regards, Bill
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Jeeze, quite a project!!!!Are you and your dad boat builders or will you and your dad use the boat in Alaska. Speaking of the Lori Morgan, I've had my boat in since 5-9-08, haven't seen the boat yet on the river. I'll take a spin up river a couple of marinas to take a peek and see if the 34 is in the water.
When the Blackfin was trucked up to Mass from Florida in April, I had it brought to Bridge Marina. I met a lot of "commercial" serious tuna/lobster boat owners with various hulls. 36 BHM, 30 Sisu, 35 Duffy and quite a few I haven't learned what "hull design" the boats are. Yes, keep me posted. You MUST be a member of A great site for diesel info, in particular the Cummins line of power.
Regards, Bill D
Very interesting lifestyle, bravo!! There's not many who live in the heart of the country and then fish in Alaska!! Very nice.
Brian, I saw in an earlier subject post you had requirements to limit the width of the boat for "trailering"? Is that trailering from Maine to Kansas and then Kansas to Alaska?? yikes, I had my BF trucked from FL to MA. $4K ++ ! You doing the hauling yourselves?

I'd love to buy a kit boat and build it out. Problem is I think it would turn out looking like a joke! Mechanically I have no problem with the systems. It's the carpentry and glass/gelcoat. It's a pretty expensive and BIG learning curve. Plus the engine would be 2-3 years old before the warranty started.

But, it IS the least expensive way to get "on the water" with a great boat!

Are you & your dad installing a bow thruster?

Brian, very interesting posts! Keep us posted.
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