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What boat would you owners buy/build for a downeaster?????????

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Hello all. I'm new to the board but not boating. I've owned a 28 Bertram FBC cruiser for 15 years (for sale by the way, updated soup to nuts..aluminum fuel tank etc.,great deal...never thought I'd be selling the boat) and now I own a 31 Blackfin Combi with diesels. Our family are day boaters, fishing, cruising, some tuna, lobster traps etc. We use the boat 100-150 hours/year and boat out of the Merrimack River Newburyport.
Before the Blackfin I seriously considered having a 31 Duffy built. I now have the Blackfin, great fast heavy fishing boat, great lines, perfect for the family except pulling traps. (2 props in water for lines to snag).I'll own the Blackfin for 10 years or so.....BUT...
I still have a nagging obsession for owning and running a downeaster. 31 to 36 feet. Stable, protected running gear, not so fast, nost down compared to a planing hull and ONE engine/ running gear to wrench! Not luxury yacht quality. We USE the boat. Fishing, cruising, lobstering, lrage ****pit with access etc.
I've studied the posts, talked to other downeaster owners, Duffy, BHM, H&H, RP. The posts on the "Flowers" project is great. I love the bow thruster....if you boat in the Merrimack with a single screw, a real nice addition to have, boaters there will know what I mean!
What's new out there. Who are the builders you'd use, whose hull, what length and why?
Thanks, Bill D.
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I think its more of a Novie hull than a down eastern but I love the Wesmacs always told my wife and father if i ever have the money I would like to own one
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