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What boat should I use

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I'm taking my grandchildren fishing this Wedensday and it will be there first time on a party boat they are 7&8 yrs old .My grandson is a typical boy very active!,My question is what boat should I use out of Captree or Freeport.I don't care if I get a keeper fluke blue or bass as long as they catch a couple of fish even a bagall will make me and them happy.I know all the boats try hard I would think some guys had a good experience with a certain boat and I would appriciate any help you can give me.Thanks ,email me at [email protected]
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For what it's worth, the North Shore Is LOADED with sea robins right now. A trip on any boat on the South shore this time of year could turn into more of a boat ride than a fishing trip. If I had to gamble a month's salary that ANY kind of fish would tug on their lines during the course of the day, I would put them on the Noli Eileen out of Huntington.

It's a family boat. Not that you want to catch sea robins all day, but for the kids, it could MAKE THEIR DAY. The added bonus is that the boat has been seeing fluke in the four to eight pound range DAILY!
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