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You seem to find this amusing .
May i ask why ?

Yes basschaser,you have every right to ask why.
Jack Yee has been a friend of mine for a very long time.I know that he takes personal attacks very seriously and is genuinely hurt by them even if they're not all true.Today was one of those days where he got extremely upset by this guys postings and it bothered me that it bothered him.I simply decided that it would be better to make light of the subject rather than let him get all worked up over it.If I came off as a careless,heartless person,then I made a mistake.That was not my intention.
The guy making false allegations,false accusations,and twisted facts got under Jack's skin and I tried to bury it with good old fashioned humor.Believe me when I tell you,he was not feeling good about that thread today.Laughing about it,however,made him relax a bit.
That was my intention.

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GroveKing posted:
....If I came off as a careless,heartless person,then I made a mistake...

Hey GroveKing,

Oh but you are.... YOU ARE BUDDY! The truth is finally coming out ya... don't stop...:) :p
(just kidding... Hope Jack if feeling better.).

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]

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Jack Yee and the Montauk Surfcasters Association

Members of the Montauk Surfcasters Association

URGENT, please read:

I have been following your chat room correspondences over this past week. I can't tell you how upsetting and disappointing all the rhetoric and dissension is between the members.

I?ve been surfcasting at Montauk Point for more than 40 years before I retired to Florida. In 1977, I recognized that the State, and Local Governments along with the Commercial Fisherman were going to make it difficult to surfcast at Montauk Point.

For three years I lobbied for my co-anglers to find a way to protect our sport and access to Montauk Point State Park. Unfortunately my fellow fisherman felt that the time spent fighting the politics of fishing would actually lessen their time surfcasting. With that, I could find no supporters for the fight.

After three years, the only angler willing to join me in the fight was Jack Yee! Together, he and I solicited the funding needed to form and organize the Montauk Surfcasters Association.

In 1980, not 1985 as previously reported, I was elected the first president of the Montauk Surfcasters Association. Our mission was the preservation of sport fishing rights at Montauk Point and protection for the fish we all enjoy fishing for.

Jack Yee has been a friend and fellow fisherman for nearly 30 years. Although it could be said that from time to time Jack seems abrasive, it?s only because of his passion for the sport of surf fishing at Montauk Point. I consider Jack?s work as important as my own in forming the MSA.

Although Jack is no longer a member of the MSA, he?s still very active in keeping sport fishing alive and well at Montauk Point. The simple fact that there are a growing number of anglers fishing the point and plenty of fish to catch (for most seasons), demonstrates the success the Montauk Surfcasters Association, Sister Organizations, and private individuals like Jack Yee have brought to Montauk Point. It was never our intention to turn Montauk Point into an exclusive site open only to an elite group of surfcasters.

Jack Yee works very hard to keep fellow fisherman informed during the fishing season. He also works just as hard during the off-season to maintain our excitement and enthusiasm for the upcoming year.

Anyone who contributes his or her time to making Surfcasting at Montauk Point both an exhilarating and enjoyable experience is to be commended by all who fish there. Additionally, if someone has the good fortune to make a living doing what he or she loves, then hooray for that person.

Tony Luca
Former President and Founder
Montauk Surfcasters Association
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