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Went out on Sunday evening for some fair weather surfcasting.

The snappers were in force with nothing notable chasing them.

The sun dropped and a pair of ****tail blues took turns for short rides on the
siwash of my needlefish. I switched over to a nine inch black sluggo for the
remainder of the outing. Just as the light disappeared I got slammed pretty
hard but after a five count the hook pulled. The sluggo came back whole, so
I assume it was a bass.

I am new to fishing these larger sluggos. On my first rigs, I used 7/0 oct
circles, which I had managed to hook one fish. After pulling a couple
hooks, I rigged a new batch using regular 7/0 octopus. I figured that the
circles may not be as likely to engage as the regular octopus hooks.

When fishing these sluggos and a fish takes them:
1. Do you set the hook immediately...or do you let them cruise a bit?
2. How hard do you set the Hook?
3. What is your strike to land ratio?

I fished another couple hours for a few mystery bumps and a couple chomps
from the blues. Not much else to report.
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It seems like I am not setting the hook correctly. I probably need to
be more aggressive. I have missed strikes....which can be normal, but
the two times I have been engaged with a decent fish, I felt both pop
off. I expected to have a broken line, but in both cases I retrieved
the full rig. hooks sharp...intact.

Next time I will give the bugger a full swing.
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