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Western North Shore Action & Show,Western North Shore Action & Show

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Hello fellow fishers,

I don't know how many of you are taking advantage on the western north shore blackfish action…. If you are not, you don't know what you are missing!

I took a break from the Mecca bass action and took advantage of it and the tautog action is absolutely hot! In fact, IT'S ON FIRE!

You see, just before Turkey day, I fished with my buddy Rich from R&G Bait & Tackle (Port Washington) and his show partner Andy to shoot their second pilot show. That's right folks, there is gonna be a new fishing show in town and it's called Northeast Angling.

Anyway, I was a guess and we headed out to a tog shoot with the crew. To suffice to say, what would normally have taken Three-or- Two-day shoot…. The action was soooo hot that we had it done in just one day! The action was fast and furious on both tides (larger fish preferred Ebb) along the drops of 35-55 ft. and we did a bang up job on quality togs. Fortunately to say, we released over 70 keeper togs and it was all captured on film!

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the Western North Shore action while it is still hot…and keep your eyes tuned for a new show that will dedicate to our North East Coast! ;)

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
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What did I win? Now don't cheap out on me Al.... :)

LONG ISLAND FLUKE - New York?s Western Long Island Sound is a fisherman?s paradise, with fluke being one of the area?s most abundant and popular game fish. Teaming up with Port Washington pro Rich Tenreiro aboard a Mako 221 Center Console, Poveromo bucktails for these flatfish in some of Tenreiro?s favorite spots. This show covers how to locate productive structure based on tides, power drift to stay on top of a spot, rigging tackle and bucktailing, invaluable information every fluke fisherman can use to his advantage. Poveromo and Tenreiro jig up numerous fluke, including one that tipped the scales at 8 pounds, three ounces!


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A trick question huh??? I knew there would be a catch! OK... How about Bassing the western sound HA! HA! Gottcha!! And that would be surf fishing... unless of course the prize would be a boat... then it's boat fishing :)
Our loss, everyone else's gain???

One can only wonder how long R&G Bait and Tackle will be there or how long Rich will be at R&G once he becomes a Sporting World TV celebrity.... Oh well, I guess it's for the good of the masses. We have to celebrate the success of one of our native sons.... Let me be among the first to say
Just think of all those times I walked into that store bought bait and tackle from him and walked out without saying a word..(****!! I knew I should have gotten closer to Rich while he was a nobody! ):)
E-mail???? Did he say e-mail???

what the **** kinda prize can be e-mailed?? OH!! I know! A big fat gift certificate! Oh well.... there goes the boat idea. :(
I'm Pumped!

Saw the web site, it looked great! I don't envy that poor Striper though. It must have been tired after having it's picture taken so many times. I hope it belongs to SAG and got scale at least. What the heck am I talking about? It's got tons of scales! :)
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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