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West End (want. bridges , Big M, Jones Inlet) Striper Fishing

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Would someone please help a newbie out???

Should I drift or anchor?
What tides are best?
What is the best rig when using clams? Fishfinder or drifting a hook w/some shoots?

What other tricks will some old salt share?????
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I agree with Scalawag's technique,the state channel or any of the cuts in between the marsh islands is good.I prefer anchoring when using bellies.First I idle up and down along the marsh(10-15 ft off land) looking for a drop off.Then I anchor on the low side so that my lines drift back into the deeper water.(usually 10-20 ft of water)I start by laddling out bellies on a moving tide.Somedays its incoming,sometimes outgoing.I also prefer using a fish finder rig with about 2-3 oz. of lead.I use a 4/0-6/0 hook with a 3ft leader.Place a few bellies in the water every few minutes,toss your line back a few feet and after the sinker hits the bottom I let out another 10-25 ft of line.I like keeping a little bow of slack in my line so that when a fish picks it up the line will go tight and I bang the rod before I even feel the hit on the rod.If you don't get a hit in a few minutes I usually let the clam drift back another 10-15 ft and wait again.Keep the bellies flowing every now and then.TIP: I have got a bunch of fish while drifting the clam back,sometimes fish will pick it up while its on the move and run with it.When they do this ,put the lock on your reel and hit him hard.Hope this helps,put in some time now.It will happen.
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